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Collective management of intellectual property rights

Authors and other rights holders may create associations and entities to manage their rights more effectively. These entities, authorised by the Ministry, facilitate the legitimate use of works and features to their users, by granting licences and authorisations.

Collective Management Entities

Collective management entities are associational, non-profit private organisations that, on their own behalf or on that of third parties, manage intellectual property rights of a patrimonial nature on behalf of their legitimate holders. Their main functions are outlined in this section.

Addresses and rates for intellectual property collective management entities

The addresses of the management entities may be consulted here, in addition to the current general fees applicable to users who exercise the rights that these entities are entrusted to manage. The Ministry has no say in setting these fees

Management reports

Information on relevant aspects of the management of intellectual property rights undertaken by organisations.

Operadores de gestión independiente

Los operadores de gestión independiente son entidades privadas con ánimo de lucro que se dedican a ejercer los derechos exclusivos de propiedad intelectual conferidos por sus titulares mediante contrato de gestión. Se detallan en este apartado sus principales funciones


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