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Guillaume Bruère draws El Greco's Apostolate

From the 9th of April to the 14th of June

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In March 2018 the French artist, based in Berlin, Guillaume Bruère visited the Museo del Greco, making a very personal interpretation of El Greco's Apostolate alongside Laurence Egloff. They drew the Apostolate during opening hours, offering our visitors almost an improvised performance. Now the resulting drawings are exhibited in the Museum, facing the Apostolate.

The drawings of Bruère and Egloff try to condensate, in very different ways, the essence of the paintings, through their very personal perception. Through fast drawings, with lines and splashes of colour, they recreate and reinterpret El Greco's saints. The apostles can be visually identified, but the internal experiences of the artists, when faced with the works of art, are also represented in the drawings. Moreover these artworks go beyond a simple representation, they are the result of the experimental and sensory journey of the artists when confronted with El Greco's paintings.

Guillaume Bruère is a prolific artist, with a wide range of interests and artistic media, such as drawings, paintings, sculpture, collage and performances. His aesthetic is very personal and variable, and his extensive works defy classification. In his works, he materialises his personality, his psyche, through fast work that does not allow pondering, but creates an immediate image of his experience.

With the commemoration of El Greco on the 7th of April, the Museum takes the opportunity to present two new looks at El Greco's Apostolate, through the eyes of international artists. This exhibition proves the effect that even nowadays El Greco's works have on contemporary artists and how it keeps inspiring them.

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Pulse para ampliar Bruère. Santo Tomás
Pulse para ampliar Bruère. San Mateo
Pulse para ampliar Bruère. San Juan Evangelista
Pulse para ampliar Bruère. El Salvador
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Pulse para ampliar Egloff. San Pablo
Pulse para ampliar Egloff. San Simón

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