Invited work Madonna with child

From 4th to the 6th of September

Exposición temporal

Virgen con niño y ángeles músicos Pulse para ampliar Virgen con niño y ángeles músicos

Invited work

  • Work by Blasco de Grañen (1422-1459)
  • Tempera on panel. 214x109cm
  • Library

For International Women's Day, the Museum exhibits this work by the Aragonese painter Blasco de Grañen. The painting, loaned by the Museo Goya- Coleccion Ibercaja, connects with the Spanish-Flemish works kept at the Museum, the oldest in our collections.

Blasco de Grañen is also known as the "Master of Lanaja". He had a well known workshop in Zaragoza, and was named the king's painter by John II of Aragon. This work was the main painting in an altarpiece devoted to the Madonna. Its composition, derived from models by Tuscan painters of the 13th century, was frequently used by Blasco de Grañen in his works. The golden reliefs at the back, nimbus, and part of the mantle helps identify the work as a painting from the fourteenth century Aragonese school. His style reflects influences from miniatures and Franco-Flemish tapestries he may have known through his patron.


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