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Conducted tours at the Museo del Greco

Visita con voluntario

Tours with CEATE volunteers

Tours cancelled until further notice due to the current health crisis.

Daily tours

Only in Spanish.

Conducted tours from Tuesday to Friday at 11:00 and 12:30 thanks to out cultural volunteering with CEATE.

The tours are free, only the entrance fee must be paid, and they are aimed at the individual public (people who come in groups of less than 8 people).

No reservation is necessary, just buy your ticket and be at the front desk at the time. Limited capacity.

Group tours

Only in Spanish.

For group tours it is necessary to pre-book your visit throgh group bookings, and contact difusion.mgreco@cultura.gob.ese-mail to see the availability of volunteers.

Once the entrance fee has been paid, the Conducted tour is free.

To know more about our volunteering, click on Participate- Cultural volunteering.

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Vista desde la Biblioteca de Castilla-La Mancha

The cultures of the book

Cancelled until further notice due to the current health crisis.

The cultures of the book is a cultural program organized by the Library of Castilla-La Mancha. The Museo del Greco has been part of this interesting program since it was created.

Schools, institutes and sociocultural or neighbourhood groups belonging to the Autonomous Community of Toledo can visit the "Toledo de las tres culturas", free of charge. The centers that can be visited through this program are:

  • Library of Castilla-La Mancha. Guided tour with staff members.
  • Museo del Greco. Conducted tour with cultural volunteers.
  • San Román Church. Museum of the Visigoth Councils and Culture. Non guided visit.
  • Sephardic Museum. Conducted tour with cultural volunteers.

For more information and bookings visit the website of Library of Castilla-La Mancha.Nueva ventana

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Visita con voluntario


Cancelled until further notice due to the current health crisis

Only in Spanish.

With the thematic itineraries, we wants to show the viewer the details and curiosities of the works exhibited in the Museum, those details that sometimes go unnoticed, as well as promote the guest pieces and temporary exhibitions that we have in the Museum.

These tours are created and carried out by CEATE cultural volunteers with the support of the Museum. Each month one of our volunteers chooses and prepares a specific theme to see in the Museum's works: love, death, landscapes, specific iconographies, color, the treatment of suffering, etc.

We also invite the public to rethink these issues with us during the tour, and to try to go further in their historical, aesthetic and social appreciation of the Museum's works.

Information: difusion.mgreco@cultura.gob.ese-mail

Upcoming itineraries

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