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Salto de línea The definition of Museum includes among its duties the acquisition of cultural assets in order to garantee the preservation of the Spanish Historical Heritage, and facilitate its access to all citizens.

The two volumes
Círculo Greco

Cossio, Manuel B. (1908, 1st.ed.) El Greco. Two volumes

  • Donated by the Friend's fo the Museum Association "Círculo Greco"
  • Donation accepted in 2020

The Friend's fo the Museum Association donated these two volumes of the 1908 1st edition of El Greco, by Manuel Bartolome Cossio, for the Museum's book collection. This work is key in the study and understanding of El Greco's works during the re-discovery and re-evaluation of the Cretan painter in the beginning of the 20th century.

Also, Manuel Bartolome Cossio used the contacts of our founder, Beningno de la Vega Inclan, 2nd marquis of Vega-Inclan, to access numerous grecos held in private collections. Thanks to this work by Cossio, the Marquis, and Mariano Moreno (who took pictures of the works) Cossio could write his book, and the Marquis grew interested in the painter. This interest was the cause of the Museum's creation.

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Presentación del libro
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San matias

Saint Matthew

  • Order ECD / 2163/2014, of October 17, whereby the right of first refusal is exercised, on Lot 184, auctioned by the Isbilya Hall, in Seville.
  • Lote nº 184. Luis Tristán. «Saint Matthew». Oil on canvas. 130 x 104,5 cm.
  • 20.000 €

The Direccion General de Bellas Artes has acquired for the museum's collection an original work by Luis Tristan, a disciple of the Cretan painter who established his workshop in Toledo. The work was in the Isbilya Auction House in Seville, and was acquired by this general direction of the Ministry through the exercise of the right of first refusal on October 15, 2014.

The acquisition of this painting is an important addition to the museum, that has an exhibition unit dedicated to 'El Greco after El Greco', with a monographic room for the work of Luis Tristán, where the work will be exhibited after its restoration at the Instituto del Patrimonio Cultural de España.

In addition, it will serve to establish a direct relationship between the work of Tristán and that of his master, particularly with the Apostolado of el Greco, that the museum in Toledo preserves and with which the acquired canvas has certain similarities, such as the way of inserting three-quarter figures in the space and the masterful use of lights to confer greater drama to the composition.

Once restored and informed, the painting was presented in the halls of the museum as one of the new additions to the permanent collection.Salto de línea

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