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The Altamira cave, World Heritage

In 1985, the Altamira cave was included in the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites, at the request of the Spanish government. Altamira represents the unique artistic production of human ingenuity and is an exceptional testimonial to a lost civilisation. The Altamira cave’s inclusion on the List of World Heritage Sites signifies that UNESCO considers it to possess Exceptional Universal Value.

As an extension of the 1985 declaration, a further 17 caves with rock art in northern Spain were added. The Asset is now inscribed in the List of World Heritage Sites under the denomination Cave of Altamira and Palaeolithic Cave Art of Northern Spain.

Inclusion compels the States owning the assets that make up the List to ensure the protection, conservation and evaluation of the Heritage they manage, as they are assets considered to be of interest to all of humanity.

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Cave of Altamira and Palaeolithic Cave Art of Northern Spain

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