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Color Engenders Life

Temporary exhibition

Hunter-Gatherer Rock Art in the Lower Pecos Canyonlands

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The temporary exhibition Color Engenders Life: Hunter-Gatherer Rock Art in the Lower Pecos Canyonlands presents some of the most complex and impressive rock art in North America.

Hunter-gatherers who inhabited the Lower Pecos region of southwestern Texas (USA) and Coahuila (Mexico) began making rock art from about 1,700 BC until European contact.

With multicolored designs, the artists depicted anthropomorphic figures together with animals, geometric patterns and enigmatic figures. Schematic and ordered, the Pecos River style infuses the images with meaning and enlives characters through the form, the color, the materiality of the painting and its process of creation. The result is visual narratives of the myths and rites of the societies that inhabited this region, such as the White Shaman mural, which tells of the Huichol creation myth.

This exhibition, funded by the Ministry of Culture, is the result of the collaboration between several members of the Rock Art Network, a working group formed by the Getty Conservation Institute and the Bradshaw Foundation.

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From November 30, 2021.

Visiting hoursSalto de línea Tuesdays to Satudays: 9.30am-6pm.Salto de línea Sundays and public holidays: 9.30am-3pm.

Free admission with the museum ticket.

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