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Illuminations. Claritate Siderum.

Temporary exhibition

By Pilar Cossío

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Until 22 September

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Salto de línea Pilar Cossío is one of our most charismatic and cosmopolitan artists. She has lived in Paris since 1999. With a long and fruitful career behind her, she shows us here her artistic beginnings in the eighties. In the development of a personal and authentic language, she investigates the transforming power of art through a particular bestiary that links with magical thinking and symbolic art. For the artist, art is her particular search for knowledge.

The title already presents us the idea of ​​art as illuminating, as something that connects us with a deep and mysterious sense of existence that has accompanied us since the dawn of our species; the stars that govern us are the same since then and our biology too.

Through a symbolic iconography that relates the human being and the animal, an interesting dialogue is established with the art of our Paleolithic ancestors. Animals become messengers that transmit archetypes to humanity, no matter the time or place. It awakens in art its ritual power.

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Salto de línea

Online Catalogue:

Illuminations. Claritate Siderum.

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