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Preschool Education

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Move With Me is not a journey back to Prehistory, it is a leap forward in the way we connect with a heritage site like the cave of Altamira. We connect with the people who inhabited it during the Palaeolithic through dance and body expression.

With this video, we want to join the classroom via a large shared digital blackboard screen or small individual screens and join you on one of your schooldays.

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These brief contents taken from the video Move With Me focus attention on body movements and expressions.

They can be resources for physical activation in the classroom or used to create a break in the everyday activities. In the guide, we provide suggestions as the point of departure which each professional can personalise to tailor them to their own educational practice.

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The bonfire that gives life

The hearth, the great fire, is what makes a cave habitable, and everything that happens around it humanises the place and makes us human.

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We can imagine Palaeolithic people moving around the territory and walking very fast, even running. This would be common on journeys from the camp set up in the cave to the coast, to the river, covering many kilometres each day. The slower walking would be for long journeys with loads, such as changing the location of the camp many kilometres away.

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Books show us that Palaeolithic communities were always working: hunting or carrying hunted animals, carving or making tools. However, although we cannot speak of leisure or free time in the sense that these concepts have today, we can imagine that in the times of Altamira there was time for sharing, for celebrations, time for music or storytelling.


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