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Estudios realizados por la SGME

And we’re not the only ones
Laboratorio de Público

Apart from carrying out its own studies, the MNA has taken part in more extensive combined evaluations promoted by the General Subdirectorate of State Museums (Spanish acronym SGME) in the museums under its charge. This work has the virtue of both offering a more panoramic image and enabling comparative analyses to be performed.

In 1999, along with the National Museum of Decorative Arts, the Cerralbo Museum and the National Archaeological Museum, the museum was the subject of one of the first combined studies. Its results were published in Museum visitors. Visitor study in four state museums Link externo.

And between 2008 and 2009, the NMA participated in the study Getting to know our visitors by the recently-created Permanent Museum Visitor Studies Laboratory (Spanish acronym LPPM), a project which led to the publication of three reports on visitors, which are available for viewing:

Permanent Museum Visitor Studies Laboratory: a very useful and necessary instrument

The Permanent Museum Visitor Studies Laboratory (LPPM) is made up of professionals from the SGME, along with experts and representatives from all the state museums and was conceived as an instrument for improving the management of the museums, thus providing their professionals with significant data on their visitors. Its purpose is to provide data, tools and knowledge on visitors, to enable all the museums’ actions to be directed towards visitor satisfaction.

Since the year of its creation, the LPPM has launched several research projects in various state museums. Following the performance of a long series of visitor studies specific to each museum, the Laboratory has addressed new goals, taking into account the project’s incorporation into the General Strategic Plan of the Ministry of Culture and, more specifically, to the Museos+ Sociales Plan Link externo.

You can view the microsite of the Permanent Museum Visitor Studies Laboratory here Link externo


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