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Virtual tour

Visit the museum from home

In the Virtual Tour of the National Museum of Anthropology, you can visit all the permanent exhibition rooms, approach each display case and get information about the objects exhibited inside them from your computer or mobile device. Nothing can replace the real visit to a museum, but this resource gives you a more accurate idea about what you are going to find when you get there, and helps you prepare your visit. It is also especially designed for people who cannot get here, for any reason. In this way, the museum travels outside its own walls to reach any person, home or place in the world.

Just one thing: if you compare the virtual tour to the real visit to the museum, you might notice that some of the spaces and display cases have undergone modifications. This is because the virtual tour was produced a certain time ago, but the museum is alive and gets renewed. However, these changes have only affected a small part of the museum, and neither the organisation of the permanent exhibition, nor most of its contents have changed, so the virtual tour is still valid.

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