Shipwreck Mazarrón 1

Ship Mazarron 1 Ship Mazarron 1

The remains of the Mazarrón 1 shipwreck (Playa de la Isla, Mazarrón, Murcia) were found in 1988 by a team of archaeologists from the then National Museum of Maritime Archaeology and National Centre for Underwater Archaeological Research (MNAM-CNIAS), currently the National Museum of Underwater Archaeology - ARQUA. A few years later, in 1993, the “Phoenician Ship Project” (1993-1995) was launched. Led by the Museum Director, Iván Negueruela, its objective was to systematically prospect the bay of Mazarrón, document and extract the remains of the Mazarrón 1. The wreck was found fragmented and incomplete. Only the keel had been preserved (3.98 m), and the remains of four ribs, joined to nine fragments of strakes and part of one of the edges. The keel was made of cypress wood, the strakes of Aleppo pine, the ribs of fig wood, and the spikes and pegs of olive wood. The interior was coated with resin to improve its watertightness. It is dated to the second half of the 7th century BCE.

Ship Mazarron 1 Ship Mazarron 1

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