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MusaE. Música en los Museos Estatales

MusaE. Music in National Museums

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The word “museum” comes from the Greek word meaning home of the muses. Although today museums are special places where precious objects are professionally stored and exhibited, perhaps the inspiration of the muses is more prevalent in them than we imagine. Although we often talk about nine muses, it seems that in Ancient Greek mythology there were initially three: Melete (‘meditation’), Mneme (‘memory’) and Aoide (‘song’, ‘tune’). ‘Memory’ has always been a characteristic aspect of museums, given the fact that they house objects which represent the identity of people through their value. In more recent years, thought and ‘meditation’ have been more present in museums through the educational activities organised around the objects. But museums still need more influence from the muse Aoide (also called Euterpe) to introduce an element of ‘music’.

That is why it is time to reclaim the presence of music in museums, obviously for many more reasons –as you will see– than welcoming the missing muse.

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