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Faun, Francisco Marco Díaz-Pintado


Inv. No. CE3/00558

This bronze full-length sculpture of a child is titled Fauno, although it shows none of the characteristic attributes of these mythological beings. Fauns were mythical creatures of the forest, half goat, half man, and with horns. The term originates from the god Faunus, god of fields and shepherds, and a prophetic and oracular divinity. In this case, it seems that a nude study takes precedence over the mythological theme.

Francisco Marco Díaz-Pintado (1887-1980) trained at the Escuela de Artesanos and the Real Academia de San Carlos in Valencia. He taught for 17 years at the Escuela de Artes Aplicadas y Oficios in Seville. His most famous works include numerous public monuments dedicated to figures from the world of the arts and politics: the painter Muñoz Degrain, sculptor José Capuz and King Alfonso XIII of Spain. He also designed and built fountains, such as the Fuente de las Confidencias, purchased by Sorolla and which can now be found in the Madrid museum dedicated to the painter. He also received commissions for religious images from both fraternities and sororities.

Aguilera Cerni places Marco Díaz-Pintado among the followers of classicism within the Valencian sculpture scene of the first half of the 20th century. His technical background in academic style corresponded to the official taste.

The museum also keeps amongst other works, an I Thirst (Cristo de la Sed) and a bust of the sculptor’s wife Amparo Galían Sanchis, attesting to the great friendship between González Martí and the sculptor.

Item displayed in the Pompeiian Room, first floor.


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