Inv. No. CE3/01654

This 19th century sculpture in the round is made of Italian white marble and depicts Flora, the Roman goddess of flowers, gardens and spring. She wears a tunic and cloak, with a crown of flowers on her head. Another crown hangs on her left arm, which rests on her waist, and in her right hand she holds a spray of flowers, all with decorative edging. The figure is represented standing in a slight contrapposto, i.e. she supports her weight on her left foot, whilst bending her right knee; a characteristic pose of classical sculpture. The sculpture is infused with classicism, in the composition, the idealised face and body, the arrangement of the drapery, and of course in the subject itself, taken from classical mythology.

The sculpture, brought from Italy by Vicente Lluesma Dasí, the sixth Marquis of Dos Aguas (1825-1893), belongs to the decoration of the Palace of the Marquis of Dos Aguas. Vicente Dasí was also responsible for the remodelling of the palace in the mid-19th century. The mythological characters and the allegories of the arts and sciences that decorate the entrance courtyard also have a distinctly Classical style.

Item displayed in the Hall, first floor.


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