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Ignacio Pinazo, Ignacio Pinazo Martínez

Ignacio Pinazo

Inv. No. CE3/01366

This bronze sculpture has an inscription on its base that reads: "I.Pinazo M. 1946". It depicts a man sitting with his palette and paintbrush in his hands. This sculpture is a study for the public monument to the sculptor’s father, the painter Ignacio Pinazo, which can be found in Valencia in the garden of Calle Colón, on the corner of Puerta del Mar. This monument was erected in 1949 to replace a statue designed by Vicente Navarro Romero, which had been erected in 1918 in the gardens of the Audiencia. It suffered severe damage during the Civil War which led to its removal in 1939. At the initiative of the painter's son, the monument was replaced with one of his own designs. The inscription on the side of the sculpture reads: "To my father, I. Pinazo M. 1949 ". The sculptor has depicted Ignacio Pinazo with his painting materials, wearing a Valencian peasant shawl, and with a scarf tied around his neck.

Son of the Spanish painter Ignacio Pinazo, Ignacio Pinazo Martínez (1883-1970) developed his talents at a very young age at Valencia’s Escuela de Bellas Artes de San Carlos. In 1900, he moved to Madrid to train as a sculptor at the studio of Mariano Benlliure. In 1904, he received the Valencia Provincial Council scholarship to study in Rome. He was professor of drawing at the Escuela Normal in Albacete, work that he combined with sculpture. In 1948, he received the gold medal in a national competition of fine arts for his work El enigma. In 1969, he was made a permanent member of Valencia’s Academia de San Carlos.

Item displayed in the Sala Pinazo, first floor.


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