Inv. No. CE3/00736

This chest, dating from the 15th or 16th century, is made from carved wood with ogee arch motifs. These inverted arches rest on Solomonic columns. They are called lowered arches because they have a notch in the keystone, in such a way that it has a pointed apex. Use of this arch design was extremely popular during the 14th and 15th centuries, as well as in late Gothic architecture and also as a decorative motif on other pieces of furniture of that era.

The chest is of typical medieval style and was prevalent until the late 15th century and the early 16th century. It was not only used to store clothes and domestic utensils, but it could also be used as a seat, a table and a bed according to its dimensions. The chest could either have been made from carved wood with motifs taken from gothic architecture, or made from engraved leather and chiselled iron openwork on the supports, corners and locks.

Item displayed in the Mudejar Ceramics Room, second floor.


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