King Charles IV Bed

King Charles IV Bed

Inv. No. CE3/00082

This King Charles IV style bed is made from pine wood which is painted cream and gold. The headboard has a waved edge and features a painted medallion bordered with decorative gilded carvings. These include acanthus and oak leaves, flowers, ribbons and a quiver of arrows. These designs seem to represent the theme of love, as does the medallion itself.

The name of the style corresponds to King Charles IV of Spain (1788-1808) and shows the development of the Spanish Neoclassical style. It was first seen towards the end of the 18th century in the production of furniture (led by Charles IV) for the new Royal Palace. This furniture was made in King Charles III’s Royal Workshops. Characteristics include straight, conicale or curved, bevelled legs, straight line patterns and decorative motifs inspired by Antiquity. Some of these characteristics are featured on this bed.

Due to its high quality, it is thought to have been carved by José Cotanda (1758-1802). Also, it has been suggested that either Luis Antonio Planes or Vicente López painted the bed.

A ‘queen’ canopy was added to the bed as the original was not acquired by the museum.

Item displayed in the Marquises’ Bedroom, first floor.


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