Gondola Bed

Gondola Bed

Inv. No. CE3/00076

This Empire style gondola bed is named so because of the curved design of the head and footboard. The posts and skirting of the bed frame are decorated with Empire style motifs: swans, dolphins and palmettes. A vase of flowers in marquetry can also be seen, which is more characteristic of Romanticism. It is dated between 1820 and 1850 and was crafted in Catalonia.

The Empire style is named after the historical period in which it was developed (the Consulate of 1799-1804, and the French Napoleonic Empire of 1804-1814), lasting until the 1830s. It influenced architecture, interior design and women’s fashion. The furniture was generally made of mahogany or rosewood, imitating earlier pieces. It featured ormolu and brass metalwork and was upholstered with striking brocade or embroidered fabrics. The motifs and themes usually featured were classic Egyptian styles, the Emperor’s monogram and symbol of the bee, dolphins, swans and lyres. The Ferdinand style, though with its own characteristics, was the Spanish equivalent. The style could still be seen in the mid-19th century with added Romantic style features.

Item displayed in the Daily Dressing Room, first floor.


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