Inv. No. CE3/00992

This wooden armchair decorated with geometric marquetry has a balustrade back.

The name of this type of chair comes from the French words confident or canapé à confident, meaning confidant or confidants’ chair, because its shape makes it suitable for private conversations.

This style emerged in France during the Restoration Era (1814-1830). The term confidante refers to three different types of sofa: 1) curved, so that the two occupants sit face-to-face, 2) formed by the joining of two identical single chairs that are positioned in opposite directions and connected by a continuous S-shaped back, 3) a sofa with two small triangular seats facing outward from the arms at each end.

All these styles originate from mid-18th century France. The name of this chair comes from its design, which is intended for two people and therefore allows for greater intimacy in conversation. This type of chair is also called a vis-à-vis.

The model in the museum, dating from the 19th century, corresponds to the second type of sofa mentioned above. The chair has been reupholstered.

Item displayed in the Antechamber, first floor.


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