Furniture from the Ballroom

Furniture from the Ballroom

Inv. No. CE3/00932-CE3/00939, CE3/01268-CE3/01271

The ballroom furniture set is the original from the palace. It includes a central sofa, also called a borne sofa, as well as various other sofas and small stools. The whole set is made from lacquered, gilded wood and has cabriole legs. The pieces are decorated with Second Empire style border trimmings, which were important features of the time.

The set of four candelabras and four wall lights, also originals from the palace, complete the set of ballroom furniture.

Each candelabrum is held by a winged female figure in a tunic, standing on a round base. These parts are made from smithsonite which is a fusion of lead, zinc and tin. Being tough, light and cheap, it is often used in the manufacturing of small objects. The candelabras are made from bronze and have nine lily-shaped glass lampshades.

The wall lights, also made from bronze and smithsonite, consist of an eight light candelabra held by a male figure supported by a spiral horn.

Items displayed in the Ballroom, first floor.


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