Furniture from the Red Room

Furniture from the Red Room

Inv. No. CE3/00512 to CE3/00528

The furniture set from the Red Room is made up of ten chairs, four armchairs, a three-seated sofa and a four-seated sofa. They are all made of white lacquered wood with gilded carvings and red upholstery. The set is the original from the palace. In fact, underneath the front part of the seats, painted crests can be found displaying the name ‘Perellós’. This refers to the surname of the Marquisate of Dos Aguas, Rabassa de Perellós.

Some of the chairs date from the 18th century. The set was completed in the 19th century when other chairs imitating the style of the original ones were added.

The name of this style, ‘Queen Anne’, comes from Anne of England, who reigned from 1702 to 1714. It is characterised by cabriole table and chair legs, also called ‘Queen Anne Legs’. In the 19th century there was a revival of the style. During this time it became fashionable to collect Queen Anne style pieces such as furniture and silverware, and to manufacture tables and chairs with the characteristic cabriole legs.

It has been suggested that this set was manufactured in Valencia.

Items displayed in the Red Room, first floor.


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