Bouquets of flowers

Bouquets of flowers

Inv. No. CE3/00645, CE3/00646

These two glass cases contain many floral ornaments formed by small shells and sea snail shells painted in multiple colours, arranged in these bell jars. One of the bouquets has a little wooden sailboat on the lower part.

However, the other bouquet has a figure of the Christ child as the Divine Shepherd, dressed with a loose-fitting embroidered robe with pearls and a wide-brimmed hat which is also embroidered. The sleeves of the robe are wide and have lace inserts. A lamb rests by his feet.

This type of decorative object is characteristic of the 19th century and can be found in Mediterranean regions. The bouquets’ origin has been related to the 18th century practice of using different types of shells and fixing them to objects such as paintings, crucifixes and small figures. During that era, in the gabinetes de Historia Natural (Natural History cabinets), the artificialia or man-made objects that did not come directly from nature could be found next to the naturalia or pieces of natural origin.

This type of decorative object could be of Majorcan origin, the place where the tradition of making bouquets of flowers with shells or silk, called “floreres” still continues to this day.

Items displayed in the Hall, first floor.


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