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Album: Diverse figure o Capricci, Salvator Rosa

Album: Diverse figure o Capricci, Salvator Rosa

Inv. No. CE4/02645

This album contains a total of 67 etchings made from a copper matrix. The album is bound together and consists of the prints, a hard cover and a frontispiece. The covers are made of printed paper coloured in sanguine and beige.

This album is named ‘Diverse figure o Capricci’. Various figures are represented in the prints: soldiers, male and female figures, and mythological themes. The album was created by the 17th century Italian painter, poet and engraver, Salvator Rosa (1615-1673). Rosa worked in his birthplace Naples, in Rome, and in Florence.

The album is held in several different institutions such as the British Museum and the Gabinetto Nazionale delle Stampe in Rome,in different editions, some more complete than others. The original copper plates are in the Calcografía Nacional in Rome. The edition and date of issue of the album in the Museo Nacional de Cerámica are unknown, as there were various editions and copies of the album made at different times. However, according to Mario Rotili, the completion of the copper plates and first prints can be dated to 1656-1658; although other researchers date them between 1656 and 1657.

Item not on display.


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