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Communion of Charles II of Spain, Antonio Martínez Ángel

Communion of Charles II of Spain, Antonio Martínez Ángel

Inv. No. CE4/00002

This print has been made by etching and chiselling on a copper plate, and is dated around 1881. It is a reproduction of the original masterpiece, ‘La Sagrada Forma’ (1690) by the court painter Claudio Coello (1642-1693). Antonio Martínez Ángel made a drawing and engraving based on this painting. Coello was commissioned by King Charles II of Spain (1661-1700) to create a painting that depicted an event in which the governing body and King Charles asked for forgiveness, whilst kneeling before the relic, the ‘Sagrada Forma de Gorkum’. It was placed at the altar of the vestry of the royal monastery, El Escorial in 1684.

The artist portrayed King Charles II of Spain kneeling, and the historian of the monastery, Father de los Santos, with the relic in his hands. The artist has also painted numerous noble and religious figures. At the top, cherubs are represented bearing a phylactery with the inscription in Latin “REGALIS MENSA PRAEBEBIT DELICIAS REGIBUS” (ROYAL TABLES YIELD ROYAL DAINTIES). There are also angels and allegorical figures. The canvas can be found in El Escorial, Spain. In the National Exhibition of 1881 in Spain, the engraving by Martinez was awarded the silver medal.

Item not on display.


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