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Landscape, Pedro de Valencia

Landscape, Pedro de Valencia

Inv. No. CE4/00027

This oil painting on canvas, dated 1952, shows a landscape of pine trees and the sea in the background. Amongst the vegetation in the foreground there appears to be a young boy and a dog resting.

Pedro Sánchez García (1902-1971) was from Valencia and because of this he was nicknamed Pedro de Valencia. From 1914 he studied at the Academia de Bellas Artes de San Carlos. He was a student of José Benlliure and took part in the first Valencian avant-garde exhibition which took place in the Sala Imperium in 1918 under the name of ‘Arte Joven’ (young art). Genaro Lahuerta and Vincente Mulet also took part in this event. In 1924, he travelled to Madrid with Genaro Lahuerta, who became his art colleague. Through their travels, they both came into contact with the likes of Max Aub, Gutiérrez Solana or the art critic Manuel Abril. In 1936 Pedro de Valencia was awarded third prize at the International Fair of Pittsburgh with an oil painting called ‘Primavera’. In 1944 he took part in ‘Salón de los Once’ (Room of the Eleven) organised by the Academia Breve de Crítica de Arte promoted by Eugenio d’Ors. From all of Pedro de Valencia’s work, the life figure drawings, portraits and landscapes stand out the most.

Item not on display.


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