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Portrait of Carolina Terán y Clark, Bernardo Ferrándiz

Portrait of Carolina Terán y Clark, Bernardo Ferrándiz

Inv. No. CE4/00262

This oil on canvas, dated 1870, is a portrait of the artist’s wife Carolina Terán y Clark. Ferrándiz has painted her against a dark background, wearing a traditional Spanish lace veil fastened at the chest with a fishshaped brooch. She is also wearing a headdress with pendant jewels hanging over her forehead, and a coloured shawl. The neutral background and the simplicity of the composition draw attention to the woman’s face and expression, which the painter has masterfully captured. Bernardo Ferrándiz (1835-1885) was born in Valencia and studied at the Escuela de Bellas Artes de San Carlos. In 1855 he travelled to Madrid to study alongside Federico Madrazo, and began to make a name of himself for his religious paintings and portraits. He later moved to Paris, where he studied in the École Impériale et Spéciale de Dessin, taught by Duret. Ferrándiz began to paint Costumbrismo style paintings, which were admired and respected both in his hometown and in Paris. Thanks to this, he was awarded a scholarship in 1863 from the Council of Valencia to study abroad. In 1864, he exhibited ‘El tribunal de las aguas’ (The Water Court) which was acquired by Napoleon III and is currently in the Museum of Bordeaux. Due to the success of this painting, the artist made a copy for the Council of Valencia. In 1868 he moved to Malaga to become a professor at the Escuela de Bellas Artes.

Item not on display.


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