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Portrait of Charles d’Hozier, Gérard Edelinck

Portrait of Charles d’Hozier, Gérard Edelinck

Inv. No. CE4/00555

This print is dated 1691 and represents the genealogist Charles d’Hozier (1690-1732). On the bottom border, there is an inscription in French that explains information about d’Hozier. Also, in the centre of this border there is a coat of arms with a legend in Latin. The print is the work of Gérard Edelinck (1649-1701), a Flemish engraver, who worked in France and study at the Academy in 1677. The print is a reproduction of a painting by Hyacinthe Rigaud (1659-1743). Charles d’Hozier was the King’s genealogist and he was responsible for collecting the names and coats of arms of French noble families. This established an official record of 34 volumes of text and 35 reproductions of coats of arms, which was called the “Armorial Général de France”.

In this portrait, d’Hozier is portrayed using the typical portrait conventions of royalty and nobility of the time. He is presented wearing robes in a grand scene of curtains and classical columns. His impressive pose signifies his importance and social status. He is portrayed sitting with his right hand resting on a book that could be considered his greatest piece of work.

Edelinck based this print on the painting made by Hyacinthe Rigaud; the official portrait painter of King Louis XIV of France, and the artist of the most important figures of the French monarchy. The print was made using the techniques of etching and engraving on copper plate.

Item not on display.


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