Dance card

Inv. Nr: CE2/00470

This dance card (19th century) also served as a wallet. The exterior is made of engraved gilded metal, and is composed of two rectangular lids, jointed on the side with a purple velvet spine. The exterior lids are entirely engraved with motifs of shells on the four corners and garlands of flowers that frame each side, one of which contains an architectural scene, and the other contains the initials ‘T.S’, which are surrounded by both alternate engraved lines with different ornaments. The initials correspond to the owner of the dance card, Társila Sanchís of Mompó, whose calling card, is still inside.

The interior of the dance card is made of a salmon coloured silk. Inside, we can find a pencil made of gilded metal, and an expandable side pocket. It contains a diary with gilded pages, which includes a page marker made of beige silk.

These types of wallets and card holders were used by women as agendas and to storesmall pieces of paper, such as calling cards.

Piece on display in the Antechamber, first floor.


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