Inv. Nr: CE2/01825

This parasol is made of red satin trimmed with a lace fabric and ruffle. The rib is made of gilded metal and ivory. The ivory handle has carvings of oak tree leaves and acorns on it. The Spanish coat of arms under the crown, and the inscription “Y 2ª de B”, referring to Isabel II (who reigned from 1843 to 1868), can also be found on it. This reference to the Spanish queen can be explained by the origin of the piece, which was donated to the museum by María Isabel Monforte Monleón. Her grandfather, Francisco Monleón Planelles, was an aide-de-camp of the regent queen María Cristina, Isabel II’s mother (regent from 1833 to 1840), and lived in the Palacio Real with his wife Isabel Monleón Torres.

Women’s outfits during the Romantic era were always matched with accessories such as gloves, hats and parasols for protection from the sun.

Piece not on display.


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