Woman’s dress

Woman’s dress, 19th century

Inv. Nr: CE2/00091

This dress which dates from 1889 consists of a skirt and a bodice. The skirt is made of golden yellow embroidered silk. At the front there is an additional part made of satin in the form of a pinafore, which is embroidered with a basket motif from which flowers in bloom and rosebuds appear up to the waistline. On the back part of the dress, the skirt forms a train with a ruffled centre gathered with pleats. The lower part along the entire skirt is decorated with a strip of satin and lace. The bodice has long sleeves which are wide at the top and there is a piece of gauze which forms a ‘truss’. The front is decorated with satin with an embroidered panel.

At the end of the 19th century, women’s dresses were characterized by the attention given to the skirt. In order to give more volume at the bottom and allow movement in the skirt, from 1869 forward, a bustle began to be used. It was an interior frame made of wires and ruffles or frills sewed to an underskirt and also to the waistline. This would allow volume and support for the gathered part of the exterior skirt. The bustle replaced the crinoline of the Romantic Era (hooped frame for bell-shaped skirts). The fabrics are decorated with ribbons and tassels; draped, gathered and pleated in a style called ‘upholsterer’ due to its similarity to bourgeois interiors.

Piece not on display.


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