CallSalto de línea Jewish quarter at east of Spain

CohenSalto de línea Priest

DarúsSalto de línea Sermon, speech

ErusínSalto de línea Commitment of a couple that is going to get married.

Etrog / Etroguim (pl)Salto de línea Citric eaten at Sukot feast or Cabañuelas feast. Sometimes is placed in artistic vessels.

Dayán / Dayanim (pl)Salto de línea Religious judge that is an expert in rabbinical law disputes.

Es ha-hayyimSalto de línea Literally “Life trees”. Wood trails carved sometimes artistically which over the Torá is rolled up.

Genizá / Genizot (pl)Salto de línea Closet or niche of a synagogue or placed in its dependences where sacred books and disused liturgical objects or out of use are settled, and in general any writing in Hebrew to avoid its desecration while one arranges its transfer to the cemetery for its burial; there is made famous the “guenizá” discovered in 1896 in a synagogue of Cairo.

Guemará Salto de línea Study, discussion, comment or interpretation of the misná. It constitutes the more extensive part of the Talmud and keep the oral law of various generations of amoraítas (law experts) at rabbinical schools of Palestine and Babylon.


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