Ros ha-SanáSalto de línea New Year.

SabatSalto de línea Sabbath. Saturday, rest day. Feast of the Jewish week.

SabuotSalto de línea Feast of the weeks.

Salos ha-regalimSalto de línea Term that alludes to three big holidays in which it was obligatory to make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem: Easter, Sukot and Whitsunday.

SandacSalto de línea Godfather of the circumcised.

Salto de línea SéderSalto de línea Order. It refers to the strict ritual that follows in the dinner of the first night of the Easter or Pesah.

Séfer / Sefarim (pl)Salto de línea Books.

SemáSalto de línea Main prayer of the liturgy, formed by three biblical chapters: Deuteronomy 6, 4-9 and 11, 13-21 and Numbers 15, 37-40 and considered as a Jewish profession of faith.

SevivonSalto de línea Teetotum used at chidren’s plays at Hanukah feast.

SofarSalto de línea Musical instruments made by an empty ram horn that is used at Rosh Hashana and other solemn occasions of the liturgy.

SohetSalto de línea Butcher. Person who prepares the sacrificial meat according to the Kashrut rules.

SukáSalto de línea Cabin that must be construct for the Sukot or Cabañuelas feast. It must consist on three walls and a roof that shows the sky, and must be decorated by branches, fruits and flowers. It is obligatory to reside or to sit down to eat in the cabañuela for one week.

Sukot (pl)Salto de línea Cabañuelas Feast.

SynagoguéSalto de línea Greek term that address to a congregation, an assembly: the synagogue.


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