TalamónSalto de línea Cloth that covers the armchair of the godfather in the ceremony of the circumcision.

TalitSalto de línea Cloak the male wears for its morning prayers in the synagogue with the exception of Saturday and five big feasts.

TalmudSalto de línea Canonical compilation of the oral law gathered in the Misná and other rabbinical sources classic and developed by the armoraítas (law experts) of two final writings of the Guemará.

TanakSalto de línea Bible. Acronym which consonants correspond to the initial consonants of three parts of the Hebrew Bible: Torá, Nebiim, Ketubim.

TebáSalto de línea Pulpit, dais for the reading of the Torá.

TefiláSalto de línea Prayer and, in special, the liturgical office in the morning.

TefilínSalto de línea Phylacteries, pair of cubic cases of leather that contain four allusive chapters of the Torá, writings on parchment. The cases extend in a few thongs with which they are fixed in the left arm and in the head. It is obligatory for thirteen-year-old complete males the tefilín put themselves during the tefilade the morning in the not festive days.

Tisá be-abSalto de línea Day of the Temple’s destruction

ToráSalto de línea Law, formed by the five books of the Pentateuch: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.

Tu-bisbatSalto de línea Feast that commemorates the nature cycle.

TziizitSalto de línea Fringe that hang by four corners of the talit and whose purpose is to remember the Gentleman and its orders.


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