The sephardic woman. Ritual and ceremony

Mujer sefardí:rito y ceremonia Pulse para ampliar

In 2019, for International Women’s Day, the Museo Sefardí hosted an exhibition of some of its own pieces that had not been previously exhibited to highlight the figure of the woman in Sephardic culture, her role, and the associated rituals and symbolism.

Over these months, visitors to the Museum could see in Rooms IV and V – the Women’s Gallery – a collection of objects of different kinds: ketubot or marriage contracts, items of Berberisca clothing, necklaces, dowry articles… and many other pieces that help tell the story and tradition of the Sephardic woman over the years.

In relation to the exhibition, we carried out various activities with the aim of raising awareness of everything surrounding it, including a talk and discussion with Ana Benarroch Bensadón (Tánger, Marruecos, 1943), one of the most respected figures in the field of Sephardic gastronomy with a lengthy experience that has been reflected in various written works, shows, and conferences; a lecture by Raquel Lozano Martín, a restorer at the Museo Sefardí; and various workshops and guided visits related to the exhibition.

  • Date: 5 March to 17 June 2019.

  • Location: Room IV and Room V – Women’s Gallery.

  • Exhibition dossier PDF


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