Hiring spaces

The Museo Sefardí, located within the Samuel ha-Levi Synagogue or the El Tránsito Synagogue, in the middle of the Jewish quarter of Toledo’s historic centre, has spaces suitable for certain events: the Prayer Hall and the East Patio.

In this way, the Museo Sefardí can host, at the initiative of institutions that make a request, certain acts of a cultural nature, provided that the space is available and that the event’s aims are in accordance with those of the museum.

As a state museum, the assignment of our spaces is governed by the Order of public prices for the use of spaces in museum spaces of the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sport PDF, which sets out the fees envisaged for the use of each space.

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The following procedure should be followed to hire one of the spaces of the Museo Sefardí:

  1. Send a request to the email address explaining the type of event, the name of the organizing entity or business, the capacity required, and the dates.
  2. The Centre’s management will then evaluate the viability and appropriateness of the request (taking into account the characteristics of the event and the museum’s availability).
  3. Finally, if the request is accepted the corresponding agreement between the two parties will be signed, which will establish the conditions of use and any other aspect that the Museum considers necessary. If, on the contrary, the request is denied, the interested party will be informed.
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Gran Sala de Oración de la Sinagoga del Tránsito

Prayer Hall

Maximum capacity of 175 people seated.

Consult availability.

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Patio Este Museo Sefardí (Sinagoga del Tránsito)

East Patio

Maximum capacity of 60 people.

Consult availability.


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