After Bathing

Niña desnuda después del baño en los brazos de una mujer

c. 1905

Charcoal, clarion and gouache on continuous paper

57,8 x 62 cm

Nº inv. 15004

After having earned international recognition, Sorolla focuses on a subject for which he feels true predilection as are beach scenes, progressively orienting them towards more physical and playful activities in which children have a protagonist role.

Around 1900, Sorolla tends to emphasize the size of the objects which interest him in his drawings and to distinguish them on a first ground, using a photographic approach, as it happens in this drawing “After Bathing” in which the girl occupies all of the space, naked and curled up, searching for heat and protection in the lap of her mother.

This drawing contrasts with others of the same period in which the artist captures images filled with tenderness, of mothers with their children in different motherly attitudes. Here, although the figure of the mother as a protecting element is not dispensed of, mostly through the hand on the back of the girl, the figure of the woman occupies a secondary role. With only a body part barely sketched and confused with the black background, this one is only a curtain over which stands out the body of the girl, delicately modeled from whites and blacks with a red ribbon in her hair, over a cloth with the areas of light marked with rapid white strokes.


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