Man and Woman with Hat

Hombre de espaldas y mujer de frente con gran sombrero sentado a una mesa

1911 (12. April 1911)

Compound pencil and red pencil over cardboard of menu sheet

15,7 x 24 cm

Nº inv. 13640

With the goal of supervising an exhibition about his work at the Art Institute of Chicago inaugurated on February of 1911, Sorolla travels to that city lodging at the Blackstone hotel. There, in the café-restaurant, while he waits to be served, he produces multiple drawings of the elegant clientele which surrounds him like is the case of this “Man and Women with Hat.”

The Sorolla Museum preserves a large number of these drawings, of great immediacy, in which veritable snapshots of fleeting scenes are suggested with fast stroke, private moments, in which he uses the first thing within his reach as a support: the back of the menu of the table where he is located.

In his compulsive and curious draftsman facet, Sorolla pays special attention to the elements related to attire, such as the voluminous hat of this drawing, bringing out the red elements emphasized as part of the brim or of the bow on the side of the brim.


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