A Galician Woman

Mujer de espaldas con la indumentaria tradicional gallega


Compound pencil and red pencil on continuous bone-colored paper

11,7 x 20,2 cm

Nº inv. 10643

From 1911 until 1919, Sorolla devotes himself almost exclusively to the decoration of the panels of the Hispanic Society of America. The commission made by M. Archer Huntington, will consist of, at the suggestion of Sorolla, a representation of ethnographic character, of the different provinces of Spain and Portugal, paying special attention to the regional attire and types.Salto de línea In order to bring about the final canvases, Sorolla travels to each region to produce studies and preparatory drawings to approach the composition, characters and sceneries.

In this way, in 1915, he settles in Villagarcía de Arosa (Pontevedra) to produce the panel dedicated to Galicia “Galicia. The Pilgrimage” for which he will do preparatory annotations like this one, “a Galician Woman” in which we can observe the preoccupation of the artist for reflecting the attire of each region in a trustworthy manner. In this regard, the figure represented as a mannequin especially catches our attention, in which are included over the different dress elements inscriptions relating to the original color.


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