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The Sorolla Museum is itself the result of a donation, that of Clotilde García del Castillo, which was subsequently enhanced by her children. The generosity of the Sorolla family enabled the creation of a widely acclaimed and admired museum, and gave the artist a specific place in which to house a large number of his works, thus raising awareness of and facilitating further study of the painter.

The Museum’s collection is not a closed one, and aims to offer as complete a collection as possible of Sorolla’s works.

The current Sorolla family has also donated pieces connected with the artist to the Sorolla Museum Foundation, namely:

  • The death mask of Joaquín Sorolla.
  • A set of traditional costumes and items in connection with Sorolla’s commission to decorate the Hispanic Society of America.
  • A series of sculptures by Elena Sorolla García.

Both the Sorolla Museum and the Sorolla Museum Foundation are recognised by law as potential beneficiaries of patronage. Patrons may be natural or legal persons, and donations may consist of cash or items that are part of Spain's Historical Heritage and registered in the General Registry of Objects of Cultural Interest or the general inventory referred to in Law 16/1985, of 25 June, on the Spanish Historical Heritage, or simply donations of works of art of assured quality. In any event, donors are eligible for tax breaks (under Law 49/2002, of 23 December, on the tax regime for non-profit bodies and tax incentives for sponsorship).

Long term loans

Some of Sorolla's works in the museum are long-term loans from generous owners. These works of extraordinary quality, which enhance the understanding of Sorolla’s wide and diverse artistic production, complete the Museum’s collection and return temporarily to the place where they were created.


In recent years, the Spanish State has acquired some important works for the Museum:

Salto de línea • Seascape, 1880Salto de línea • Moor with oranges, 1885-1886Salto de línea • The beach's thief, 1891Salto de línea • The altar boy, 1885-1886Salto de línea Blossoming Almond tree, 1889

Other works have been acquired as dation in payment or by donation:Salto de línea • The Guitarists, Valencian Customs: 1889Salto de línea The State may acquire works for the Museum pursuant to the provisions of Royal Decree 11/1986, of 10 January, a partial development of Law 16/1985, of 25 June, on Spanish Historical HeritageSalto de línea


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