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Poetics of a House. Photographs by Lluís Casals

Curators: Enrique Varela Agüí and Lluís Casals

From 1st March to 20nd June 2021

A house is a life project constructed by its inhabitants and the Sorolla House is the realisation of the project that Joaquín Sorolla and Clotilde García del Castillo embarked on together. It is the culmination of the life and artistic career of a painter who achieved the highest levels of creative excellence and professional renown.

The Sorolla House represents the artist’s firmament, containing many houses in one: a refuge for family life, a space for public entertaining, an artist’s studio, an exhibition gallery, a collector’s cabinet, an Eden in the city. It is, in total, the artist’s universe and his personal cosmos.

Walking through the house’s rooms and spaces and looking at its works and objects allows us to delve deeper and learn more about the painter. Everything that interested and surrounded Sorolla is present here; his personal tastes, what inspired him, what he created and what he coexisted with. The house contains a wealth of small details and a multitude of objects, paintings, sculptures, memories and events. The house has a soul.

Casals’s camera aims to capture the house’s intangible essence, revealing a particular approach to the painter’s personal universe. Through his images the photographer perceptively and very beautifully conveys the atmosphere of a house frozen in time.

The Sorolla House is a secular church dedicated to art, beauty and the senses and Lluís Casals perfects our contemplation of it, training our gaze to embark on a subtle quest for that beauty.

You can consult here the temporary exhibition sheets PDF

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Detalle de la escultura "Desnudo femenino" de Helena Sorolla CONCURSO DE FOTOGRAFÍA (proximamente)
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