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Itineraries about Sorolla

One of the most important functions developed by the Museum is that of research. At the Sorolla House Museum, we keep researching the different artistic facets of Joaquín Sorolla, his interests, his collections, his relationships with other painters, intellectuals and so on. These investigations then translate into temporary exhibitions, thus transmitting new knowledge to the public.

With these itineraries we aim to recover part of that work, offering a selection of the most successful ones. At the end of such itineraries, and thanks to the collaboration of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Palaces and Museums, you will be able to find the following catalogues: “The Color of the Sea”, “Clotilde de Sorolla” and “The Art of Light”, all available for free download.

In the itinerary “The Sorolla House, A Space for Reading”, we have also included a list of digitized books, originally belonging to the old collection of the Museum, and now available for reading online.

In this section, we have also included the itinerary that we conceived for the International Museum Day and its motto for 2020: “Museums for Equality and Inclusion”. This itinerary deals with Sorolla’s social painting, influenced by the end of the 19th century artistic trends, in which one can observe a change regarding the most disadvantaged classes, integrating a more human gaze to the excluded while giving them a greater visibility and prominence in the Fine Arts Salons and Competitions.


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