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Indumenta, Museo del Traje's journal is an annual, digital, open access, free publication. All editions are available for download in PDF format.

Access all digital editions here:

Detail of Martin Lamothe, body (detail of the fabric that emulates marble)

Indumenta 04 (2021)

This edition has been compiled in the midst of a health crisis which has changed the way we interact socially. Publication has coincided with the reopening of the Museo, following closure for a year and a half for renovations. The magazine has new sections, and boasts special collaborations with Roberto Verino and guest authors Hilary Davidson and Gianfranco Marrone. An important article by our editor, analysing the new permanent exhibition, is also worthy of note.

Cover in which the upper part reads: "Indumenta. Revista Museo del Traje". In the lower part, in a box, there is an illustration of a female figure

Indumenta 03 (2020)

The journal embarks on a new stage with this edition, aiming to become a high-impact magazine and hoping to provide a reference for studies on fashion and fabric. In addition to an article by guest writer Edwina Ehrman, the magazine includes a new section on the Museo’s activities, and publishes the presentations given in the Gender and identity through fashion sessions which took place as part of the exhibition La vie en rose in 2018.

Cover in which the upper part reads: "Indumenta. Revista Museo del Traje". In the lower part, in a box, the detailed plan of two fabrics

Indumenta 02 (2011)

This edition concludes an era in the history of Indumenta and brings together articles on a wide variety of subjects: fashion during the Bourbon Restoration; a study on high-society women’s shoes; the design of the pomegranate motif in modernist Catalan fabric; María Rosa Salvador, a pioneer of Spanish fashion; advertising high-end fashion; the discovery of ‘the cloud collar’, a garment from Chinese culture; and, from the Museo’s collection, a series of Roman coins.

Cover in which the upper part reads: "Indumenta. Revista Museo del Traje". In the lower part, in a box, the detail plane of a fabric with a blue backg

Indumenta 01 (2009)

Once again the Museo’s journal includes work by eminent specialists and studies on the history of clothing, fashion, design and the sociology of dressing.
This edition includes articles on subjects related to Spanish haute couture, the work of Jesús del Pozo and the dressmaker Flora Villarreal. Articles on the Museo’s collections include a study on female clothing in the Ansó Valley and the buckles collection. Of particular interest is an article on conservation work carried out on the collection, anoxia and the results of various activities at the Museo.


Indumenta 00 (2007)

The journal started with this edition, as a means of expression for the centre. The contents are arranged in two blocks: the museographic elements of the Museo’s permanent exhibition, which was inaugurated in 2004, and the historical content with a chronological narrative of the history of clothing through the pieces exhibited. This edition was published in 2007 in paper and in digital format.



The articles published in INDUMENTA are published under a licence Creative Commons Reconocimiento-NoComercial-SinObraDerivada 4.0 Internacional (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

This licence means that authors retain their rights in full and authorise copying and redistribution of their articles in any medium or format under the following conditions:

Recognition: authorship must be correctly recognised, a link to the licence provided and any changes that have been made must be indicated. This can be done by any reasonable means, but without suggesting they have the support of the licenser or that they receive it for the use being made.

Non-commercial: the articles cannot be used for commercial purposes

No derivative works: if the material is altered, transformed or used to create new material, the modified material cannot be distributed, it can only be used for private or personal purposes. Work derived from the article cannot be produced.

The Museo del Traje undertakes to respect the intellectual property rights of the authors. Articles which, for whatever reason, are not published will not be distributed in any circumstances.


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