Maragato Costume

Maragato Costume


Cotton shirt, red flannel waistcoat with coloured embroidery, red sash and over these pieces, a black broadcloth jacket that closes with a drawstring threaded through eyelets, full breeches that are tight at the knees to create a puffed up look, and tobacco pouch, embroidered leather belt with pockets for smoking utensils.

Embroidered on the tobacco pouch: ERES DUEÑO DE MI AMOR (You are the master of my love)

The precedents for some pieces of this outfit could date back as far as the 16th century; from this era, the persistence of the tying cord to close the jacket and the type of billowing breeches used by the European military at this time in history.

For centuries, this was the uniform that identified the Maragato muleteers.

Inventory: MT-002013, MT-043293 y MT-089382-86


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