Woman from Ansó

Woman from Ansó

Ansó (Huesca)

Blouse with a large, pleated collar, high-waisted skirt in pleated, green broadcloth with straps, sleeves joined together with ribbons called chords attached to the back of the skirt, rosette on the bust with the image of the sacred heart and mantle in fine, white cloth decorated with figured ribbon and tassel (cotufa) hanging from the centre of the front that gives the piece its name.

Donation from Pilar Primo de Rivera, 1987

Pieces used in the 15th century such as the outer skirt (basquine) and the hairstyle known as churros, similar to the plaits used by women of the period, persisted and even retained the term used to describe the ribbon tying them, trenzadera. In addition, in the 17th century the blouse collar, similar to the Spanish lettuce-like ruffs of the era was introduced.

Inventory: MT-005741, MT-005744, MT-018527, MT18529 yMT-018537


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