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Woman from Segovia

Woman from Segovia


Blouse embroidered in black over the bust and at the cuffs, red wool doublet with peplum decorated with silver-threaded passementerie, skirt also in wool but thicker and decorated with black velvet braids, embossed velvet apron attached to the waist and white crepe headscarf on which the hat would be placed.

It retains pieces that persisted from the 17th century such as the doublet, and others like the blouse are reminiscent of the Mudejar embroidery for their decorative motifs.

Although it is currently considered the archetypical costume from Águeda de Zamarramala, it was actually a very widespread evening dress in the centre of the Iberian Peninsula.

Inventory: MT-008020, MT-016035, MT-002616 y MT-012557


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