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Farmer’s Costume

Farmer’s Costume


White cotton shirt with intense embroidered decoration in the same colour and pleats, wool taffeta sash in red and waistcoat, short jacket and breeches in brown corduroy, decoration at the neck, lapels, cuffs and openings on the legs with backstitching, embroidery, buttons with a red silk centre and with yellow scalloping on the eyelets.

This suit is an adaptation of the fine attire from the end of the 18th century to the tastes and resources of the popular classes.

It is similar to a man’s habit à la anglaise, but without the tails of the frock coat, and adapted to the popular Spanish taste with a generous embroidered decoration on the bust, lapels and closes of the trouser legs, that are gathered with ties. The short jacket and waistcoat sport a rich, metallic set of buttons. This suit is halfway between an habit a la anglaise and a bolero suit.

Inventory: MT-000279 y MT004803, MT-000917-19


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