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Maga Costume from La Palma

Maga Costume from La Palma

La Palma

Embroidered linen blouse, corset brocaded on the front that is closed with a drawstring, linen underskirt embroidered with black wool, black cloth skirt with red trim along the hem, rectangular linen wimple and black broadcloth hat with white trim.

One of the most influential factors on any dress is the climate in the area it’s going to be used in. This everyday dress is adapted to the particular climate of the islands. Made of light fabrics to provide relief from the intense heat, it also provides warmth in the mornings through the layering of skirts and underskirts. It includes an ample wimple held in place by the hat that protects the head and face from the sun and the effect of the strong winds on the islands.

Inventory: MT-008259-MT08264 y MT-008267


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