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Shepherd’s Costume from Extremadura

Shepherd’s Costume from Extremadura


Shirt over which a leather overall is placed, decorated with wool embroidery and a cloth jacket that is structured and decorated with dressed deer-skin. On the legs, black broadcloth breeches and sash, that were covered by the chaps, made of leather and hide with the hair still on it. The overall goes over the whole outfit with its v-neck at the front and two drawstrings to fit it to the body size.

The open-air trades required special attire. Materials that protected against the harshness of the climate were used, and functional designs adapted to the requirements of the work done, as is the case of the smock, with front pockets to store tools and the chaps that serve as an apron when handling cattle and to protect the breeches.

Inventory: MT-000349, MT-002357-61 y MT-005584


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