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Farmer Costume typical of the Balearic Islands

Farmer Costume typical of the Balearic Islands


Linen shirt decorated with embroidery in the same colour, waistcoat in blue and yellow brocatelle on the front, bombacho trousers with coloured stripes in cotton, green sash in cotton serge and espadrilles in esparto that are tied with a black cotton ribbon.

Due to their isolation the islands are territories in which traditions and attire tend to last in time.

This ensemble was widespread among the peasants from Mallorca until the start of the 20th century. With the addition of other garments from the times, the long baggy bombacho breeches, similar to the maragatos, remained the most emblematic piece and were very popular in the 16th century.

Inventory: MT-005848-53 y MT-005427


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